New Media Caucus Website: Resources Section Now Live

I’m pleased to announce that the NMC Website has recently expanded! Specifically, a new resources section has just been make public on the site that contains our first two resource listings: a worldwide listing of Graduate Programs that address New Media, and a New Media Bibliography.

Take a look!

Special thanks to Jessica Walker (committee chair), Laura M. Rusnak and Pat Badani for their research and organization of these items in the context of the Resources Development Committee, to James Khazar for his oversight of our website, and a major thank you from the NMC to Dima Strakovsky, for his diligence in migrating the resource lists to a database structure, delivery, and organization of the navigation of these items. It could not have been done without the hard work of these members.

The development of additional resource lists, as well as the maintenance and expansion of existing lists, is an ongoing initiative of the NMC. If you would like to get involved in supporting this initiative, I strongly encourage you to contact Jessica Walker, and let her know that your interested in participating on the Resources Development Committee.

Thanks once again, to all who have made this possible.

Paul Catanese
New Media Caucus, President

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