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2017 CAA Conference Proposals, Los Angeles

The New Media Caucus invites submissions for a 2½-hour session at the CAA conference in 2017 in Los Angeles. In its role as a CAA Affiliated Society, the Caucus is permitted to propose one 2½-hour program session, which will be considered by the Annual Conference Committee on the basis of merit in its deliberations. The program session must address a specific issue of concern to the affiliated society and cannot be an open session. Please note that this is only an endorsement. The proposal must go through the regular CAA selection process. PROPOSALS MUST INCLUDE: Abstract Short Bios PUBLISHING REQUIREMENT:…

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Call for Participation Istanbul New Media Arts Fest 2015

Laboro Ergo Sum I work, therefore I am.November 6-15, 2015 Istanbul amberPlatform’s amber’15 Art and Technology Festival is to take place in Istanbul from November 6 to 15, 2015. This year’s theme is “Laboro Ergo Sum”. We invite you to join amber’15 which is undergoing a new organisational structure. To apply, click the link ‘application form’. http://15.amberplatform.orgArtistic output, installations, performances, curatorial practices, workshops, contemporary dance, concerts, seminars, presentations, panels, academic articles are welcomed. June 2, 2015, 19:00As artists, academics, makers, individuals and institutions, you are all invited to the launch meeting at StudioX: a great occasion to talk face to…

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CURRENTS 2015: 6th Santa Fe International New Media Festival

CURRENTS brings together New Media artists in an atmosphere that fosters open exchange and professional networking. CURRENTS serves as a platform for artistic experimentation and generates exploration into all forms of new media art, while providing the public with an opportunity to experience an outstanding selection of innovative work. Committed to making this extraordinary work available to everyone, the CURRENTS Festivals are free to the public. Friday, June 12 through Sunday, June 28 (closed Mondays and Tuesdays) 2015 Parallel Studios ( a 501(c)(3) non-profit ) has been producing, curating and designing small and large scale currents video exhibitions in Santa…

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The Aesthetics of Erasure NMC/Media-N – SRING 2015: V.11 N.01

Pat Badani Editor-in-Chief Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus is pleased to announce the launch of our spring 2015 online and print edition. Online & print edition   The Aesthetics of Erasure Against the backdrop of a longstanding practice of ‘erasure’ both in artistic and critical work, co-guest editors Paul Benzon and Sarah Sweeney take up challenging questions related to the aesthetics of erasure today in the digital era. They investigate new meanings and the relevance of said practice within twenty-first century contemporary contexts typically defined by digital knowledge production, preservation,…

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Call for Entries – NEO FUTURE Theme residency in Finland, March/April 2016

NEO FUTURE: Arteles special theme residency program For artists and creators of the future, especially from the fields of Sci-Fi New Media | Electronic Sound | DesignLiterature | Visual Arts | Concept Art | Science Periods: 1 or 2 monthsWhen: March / April 2016 Deadline for applications: 17th June 2015 Alternate Futures Utopians, dark dystopians, transhumanists and cyborgs. Space travel and other galaxies. Singularity. Retro-futurism and future societies – after artificial intelligence, after apocalypse, after art? Neo Future program brings together international, future-oriented artists & creators. Located in the middle of nowhere in rural Finland, Arteles Creative Center serves as…

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ICDHS 2016 Taipei | The 10th International Conference on Design History and Design Studies (ICDHS)

Making Trans/national Contemporary Design History ICDHS 2016 Taipei | The 10th International Conference on Design History and Design Studies (ICDHS) 26-28 October, 2016National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan Abstract due: 20 July, 2015 We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for ICDHS 2016 Taipei, The 10th International Conference on Design History and Design Studies. Taipei – the ‘World Design Capital of 2016’ welcomes proposals for the ICDHS 2016 Taipei to share this historical moment and think critically about design in the global context. This fast moving, culturally complex city is an ideal place for debat-ing…

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Call for Panel Participation – CAA Washington, DC 2016

Augmented Reality- invention/reinvention The New Media Caucus invites individuals to submit artwork or papers for a panel titled Augmented Reality – invention/reinvention. _______________________________ This panel sponsored by the New Media Caucus calls for artists, scholars, and theoreticians to reflect on the possibilities of understanding cultural issues related to the continuum of Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality as project, paper, performance, public art, and mobile location are welcomed. While Baudrillard theorized about simulation, William Gibson imaginatively constructed virtual possibilities through fiction. As early as 1985, Virtual Reality platforms were physically realized by Jaron Lanier and Thomas Zimmerman’s manufacture of VR gloves and…

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Call For Entries: 10th International Festival of Contemporary Animation & Media-Art LINOLEUM

  The 10th International Festival of Contemporary Animation & Media-Art LINOLEUM. Fall 2015 Kiev/Ukraine Objectives – encouraging and celebrating creativity among animators and media artists; – popularization of contemporary animation and media art in Ukraine. Nominations The Jury will select principal nominees during the Festival. The winners will be awarded Grand-Prix, prizes and monetary prizes. The Festival will be held with the support of «Michael Tsarev Art Projects» (Germany) and FILM.UA Group (Ukraine). Total prize fund of the Festival is $5000. Selection Process The selection of works for the participation in the Fest will be carried out by the Organizing Committee…

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Call For Entries: 19th VIDEOMEDEJA

  19th International Video Festival VIDEOMEDEJAOctober 23 – 25 2015 | Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia Like previous years we are looking for new video art works and short films, media installations, live audiovisual performances, network based projects. In addition, we are very glad to receive proposals from curators and producers/distributors for the non-competitive special screenings. Entry forms are online and artists can easily provide their video previews directly by web form. Categories: Video/Film | Media installations | Network and Software projects | Live av performances Deadline: 15 July

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Call for Artworks: EXPRESSIVE 2015, “IDEA CHAIN” – Extended Deadline

Extended Deadline (submissions are due on May 15th) The theme for the Expressive 2015 Call for Artworks is Idea Chain. In 1969, the artist Sol LeWitt published his Sentences on Conceptual Art, a series of statements that define the conceptual in contrast to the rational, and which explore differences between concepts and ideas. LeWitt, through this list of 35 sentences, describes the presentation of artworks as creating a kind of invisible conversation between artists, noting that “The words of one artist to another may induce an idea chain, if they share the same concept”, and further, that this induction is…