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International Symposium on Electronic Art

ISEA2015 :: Disruptive Closing Ceremony

After another great day of listening, meeting, and discussing, The Yes Men keynote and closing ceremony was intense. It unexpectedly began with a student protest after the opening remarks by Simon Fraser's President, Andrew Petter. The student called attention to alleged monies being accepted by Simon Fraser from the tar sands pipeline. The Yes Men where then asked to participate in a video to assist in the protest by the student (NSFW), which they readily did. This was all very disruptive, and therefore, highly appropriate.

The Yes Men continued with their goals and background, showing clips from their recent movie: The Yes Men are Revolting.They are available for workshops and hope to encourage others in their own hijinks.

Right before the keynote began, I was sitting near Leo Selvaggio of the URME project fame, which was at the DISRUPTION opening reception. He was kind enough to let me handle the 3D printed mask. It is eerily gorgeous and if you ever have the chance, it is worth a closer look.

It was wonderful to catch up with many NMC members that I had met at CAA 2014 and 2015, such as Leo and also Taylor Hokanson. Taylor and Dieter Kirkwood were "Hacking the Knitting Machine" in a workshop they had given earlier in the conference. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Brother KH-930e.

After the closing, the conference was handed over to Hong Kong for 2016. I can't wait for the ISEA2016 Cultural R>evolution!

Dispatch from Vancouver – ISEA2015 Part 2

ISEA2015 is barely half over, and its amazing to think back to what's already happened and also what is still to come. I'm not able to stay for the entire conference, but have really enjoyed the engaging programming and all of the events. I'm going to just mention a few... as I'm sure you know its impossible to see everything that you really want to at a conference of this scale. The quality of what I've seen and heard about, however, puts you in the position where its difficult to make a bad decision - there's something for everyone.

On Sunday morning, Brian Massumi delivered an intense and immensely interesting keynote address to a packed room. The talk was centered around what he sees as key concepts in explaining his approach and interest in affect. He also careful expanded on some of the misconceptions surrounding those concepts. Although the talk was dense, it was a great way to kick off the next several days which will include hundreds of papers, posters, demos, exhibitions (proceedings here).

And in regards to exhibitions, it would be hard to report on what I did and saw in Vancouver without going back to the Saturday evening opening of the ISEA Disruption exhibition at Vancouver Art Gallery. The show coincided with an annual event at the gallery called FUSE. After the private opening for ISEA attendees, the gallery opened to the community and it included music and performances in the gallery courtyard/park. The word is that something like 5000 people attended the opening - it was completely packed. The gallery was so crowded at times it was tricky to see the work, but if that's a trade off for being able to show and share the work that artist involved with ISEA are doing then its not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion.

A second keynote was given by Michael Connor from Rhizome on Sunday afternoon. He gave an interesting overview of the development of the site and organization over the years and its numerous shifts in focus. I couldn't make out in his conclusion whether or not he thinks Rhizome , as an institution of some sort, is acting basic or is normcore. 

Sunday evening programming included an opening at the Museum of Vancouver. Just outside the museum, as the evening went on, the sun set over the mountains/bay. And after a quick ride back to the SFU Woodwards campus the night continued on with audio/visual performances. This was the first of the two nights of performance programming from the Mutek Cabaret. It was another intense and interesting way to end a intellectually stimulating and fun day.

I'm about to board my plane... I can't believe I'm gonna miss the next few days, with equally engaging content. Don't miss The Yes Men or Rosa Menkman - all having keynotes later this week.


Dispatch from Vancouver – ISEA2015 Part 1

I'm a bit at a loss for words, but wanted to share a little bit as everything starts to take off here in Vancouver for ISEA2015. If you're around, you should try to catch up with me, but I know it's probably next to impossible with all the great things going on. Thanks so much to Simon Frasier University and just about all of Vancouver for the welcome and good vibez!

As I write this dispatch, I'm sitting at the venue waiting, excitedly for the Hakanaï performance to begin. I've heard a lot of great things about their work and am eagerly anticipating the show.   Hakanaï  are part of the Movement in Computing Workshop (MOCO) programming during the first few days at the symposium. This is of particular interest to me, as a MOCO participant, because of the combination of live realtime, audio/visual performance and installation. There is a lot happening in these vectors : the crossovers/intersections of the Arts and Technology. 

But this is really just the tip of the digital media practices in the proverbial cross-pollinating theory/practice oceans of contemporary technological experience. In the next several days there will be artists and scholars from across our planet aligning in Vancouver and mixing it all up. I'll be in and out of panels, papers, demos, posters, performances, screenings, and just about as much as I can handle. I promise to write a little more during and after it all. Maybe we'll cross paths - or if you want to cross paths and we didn't yet - I'll be at the Vancouver Art Gallery Opening for FUSE/DISRUPTION for sure (I've got something to show there) - hope to catch up with you!!!¡¡¡




#ISEA2015 and #MOCO'15

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ISEA2015 Student Volunteer Program




The 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art invites students, artists, practitioners who want to be ‘where the action is’ to volunteer for ISEA2015.

What is ISEA2015?

The International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) is the main nomadic international academic gathering focused on electronic and digital arts. Since its inception in 1988 in the Netherlands, it has been organized in 4 continents and in over 20 international cities that span Istanbul, Paris, Munich, Albuquerque, Sydney and Dubai. ISEA last came to Canada in 1995 in Montreal, where it had a tremendously positive impact on the local community both in terms of cultural and economic shifts that remain central to Montreal even today! ISEA brings together scholarly, artistic, and scientific domains in an interdisciplinary discussion and showcase of creative productions applying new technologies in art, interactivity, and electronic and digital media.

ISEA2015 is hosted by Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Communication, Arts, and Technology, its School for the Contemporary Arts, and its School for Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT). We expect 1000+ artists, scholars, researchers and students from around the world, making it the largest event on electronic art and digital media offered to date in British Columbia. While centered at SFU Woodward's, our programming is overflowing in various venues in the Vancouver area. Partners include many local artistic organisations and venues including: the vancouver Art Gallery, the Western Front, VIVO, the Museum of Vancouver (MOV), Grunt Gallery, Vancouver New Music, 221A, New Westminster New Media Gallery, Fortune Sound Club, the New Form Festival, amongst others. As such, we believe that this event will exemplify SFU's vision of engaging students, engaging research (both practice and theory), and engaging the local, national and international communities.

ISEA2015 is a five-day symposium featuring over 500+ speakers, presenting 19 workshops, 10 tutorials, papers, panels, roundtables, posters, and demonstrations, and showcasing over 180 artworks ranging from large-scale interactive artworks to cutting-edge electronic music performances. The theme of ISEA2015 - Disruption - will allow re-examining and re-negotiating the frontiers between the academic and the art world, between practice and theory, between systems and reality, between art and society.

To frame this dialogue, ISEA2015 will feature keynote addresses by visionary pioneers such as Brian Massumi, Michael Connor, Dominique Moulon, Hildegard Westerkamp and Sara Diamond. The Yes Men will cloture the symposium with an address on the use of creative expression for disruption and subversion.

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteers will have the opportunity to be immersed in the network of inspired fellow students, professional artists, designers, academics and scientists. Other benefits include:

  • ISEA 2015 full symposium pass
  • Complimentary snacks for the breaks between shifts (no lunch is provided)
  • Conference T-Shirt
  • Certificate of participation as a volunteer, upon request


Visit the Call For Volunteers and apply Today at isea2015.org
Notification of acceptance will be sent out on July 5th.
If your application is unsuccessful (which you will know on July 5th), you will be given a code in order to benefit from the early bird rate for attending the symposium.

Volunteer Position

You can participate as volunteer for different positions, including some due before the conference.
Visit http://isea2015.org/call-for-volunteers-2015 for details about each position available.

  • Volunteers Lead (Pre-Conference Position)
  • Installation Setup (Pre-Conference and Conference Positions)
  • Registration Desk Clerks
  • Room Monitors
  • Room Technical Setup
  • Way-finding
  • Openings, Performances, Sitting Artwork and Exhibitions Monitors

Volunteer Requirements

As volunteer you will be asked to fulfill 25-hours in 5 shifts of 4 hours each, and up to 4 hours of training during the orientation session. The symposium holds a diversity of events from 8am until 1am most days. Volunteer managers will try to accommodate your preferences for volunteer times, however, our priority is to ensure there are enough volunteers for each area. You must be able to work all 5 shifts, plus training time, in order to qualify as a volunteer

The volunteer orientation will be held on prior to you first shift. In order for you to fully understand your role at the conference as well as the location of various meeting rooms, participation in the volunteer orientation session is mandatory. This means that you have to be in Vancouver on Thursday the 13th of August.

We will be grateful if you disseminate the call-out to relevant parties through your channels. We need around 120 volunteers.

Philippe Pasquier
ISEA2015 Symposium Director
Miles Thorogood
ISEA2015 Volunteer Chair.

Contact us:
For further information please contact isea2015volunteer@sfu.ca
ISEA 2015: http://isea2015.org
on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ISEA2015
on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ISEA2015

Call for Expressions of Interest to Host ISEA2018

ISEA International is pleased to announce the call for Expressions of Interest to host ISEA2018 (24th International Symposium on Electronic Art). Potential host organisations should consult the 2018 Guidelines for Symposium Host Candidates on the ISEA International website prior to making a bid.  The Guidelines can be found here:  http://bit.ly/1FRaAjU

The Expression of Interest should consist of a 3-5 page proposal including details about host organisation, partners, outline budget and finance plan, symposium themes, artistic programme, creation of International Program Committee, plans for proceedings, milestone dates, registration fees and other relevant details. In preparing your response please refer to the Symposium Guidelines, section 4.2.

Selected  potential host organisations will be invited to meet with the Board and give a presentation on their Expression of Interest to delegates at the ISEA International General Meeting during ISEA2015 in Vancouver, Canada (August 14-18, 2015). 


May 31, 2015              Deadline for submitting Expression of Interest

June 15-30, 2015         Bidding organisations notified

August, 2015                Presentation of plans at ISEA2015 (Vancouver, Canada) and meeting with ISEA International board

November 15, 2015     Deadline for Full Bid documents

December, 2015           Possible Skype meeting with ISEA International Board

December 31, 2015      Candidates notified of outcome


Interested parties are encouraged to contact ISEA International HQ for further details. The Expression of Interest should be sent electronically to: Sue Gollifer, ISEA International HQ Director, University of Brighton, UK email: <info@isea-web.org>

ISEA is a forum for interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organisations and individuals working with art, science and technology. The Symposium is an annual nomadic event, hosted by organisations around the world. The first International Symposium on Electronic Art was held in 1988 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

Future ISEA symposium schedule:

ISEA2015 Vancouver, Canada      http://isea2015.org/

ISEA2016 Hong Kong, China       http://isea2016.info/

ISEA2017 Manizales, Colombia 

ISEA International http://isea-web.org