🎙️ New Episode Alert: Technonecromancy – The Afterlives of New Media Art 🌟

New Media Caucus

Explore the intricate world of preserving digital art in our latest episode of Header/Footer Presents! Join hosts René G. Cepeda and Constanza Salazar as they delve into the fascinating realm of art preservation in the digital age.
🖼️ In this episode, we explore:
* The ethical challenges of resurrecting and restoring digital art.
* Navigating the ever-changing landscape of art conservation.
* Strategies to safeguard the integrity of digital artworks.
As technology continues to evolve, so do the questions surrounding the preservation of digital masterpieces.
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Technonecromancy – The Afterlives of New Media Art
Tune in to gain insights and join the discussion on the future of art preservation.
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