2017 CAA Conference Proposals, Los Angeles

The New Media Caucus invites submissions for a 2½-hour session at the CAA conference in 2017 in Los Angeles.

In its role as a CAA Affiliated Society, the Caucus is permitted to propose one 2½-hour program session, which will be considered by the Annual Conference Committee on the basis of merit in its deliberations. The program session must address a specific issue of concern to the affiliated society and cannot be an open session.

Please note that this is only an endorsement. The proposal must go through the regular CAA selection process.



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Media-N Journal of the New Media Caucus will publish a conference edition after the CAA conference, showcasing conference proceedings sponsored by the NMC. To this end, Chairs will be responsible for writing a report about the panel in addition to collecting, editing and arranging the materials from their panelists for the journal edition. Media-N offers flexibility regarding how to achieve the publishing requirement. Typically, some chairs and panelists choose to publish traditional papers, others prefer to create a transcript of the presentation and discussion, or to publish an interview format. Once a panel is accepted, the Editor-in-Chief of Media-N will contact the chair(s) to further discuss and plan for the publishing requirement. All materials for publication must be completed by mid-April after the conference.


Panel chairs (and panelists) must be NMC members.
There are no membership fees. JOIN NMC


Peer review will occur shortly after the deadline.
Notification of endorsement will be late July.
The CAA system opens for abstracts submission on August 7.


Email submissions by July 12th, 2015 to Wenhua Shi, mailto:wenhua.shi@gmail.com