ABC No Rio In Exile Call for Collaboration: “The Game Show”

The Game Show is a cooperative, participatory arts project initiated by ABC No Rio and artists involved with No Rio’s 2017 Flux Factory collaboration, Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid.

Inspired by non-competitive games such as hacky sack, hot lava, keep-the-balloon-up-in-the-air, cooperative role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, and the surrealist drawing exercise Exquisite Corpse, The Game Show will take place in the blurry boundary land between art, community, and game playing.

We are seeking collaborators to join us in the experimental process of developing the exhibition. The show itself will be a game made of components that participants choose and cooperatively assemble. This meta-game will define how the exhibition will be presented, and define the experience viewers have of, and within, this exhibition.

To become part of this experimental exhibition we’re asking interested participants to answer a set of questions (the survey) and propose a game component for inclusion in the meta-game: this can be a set of rules, a playing piece, an obstacle or a narrative element, a condition or an instruction.

The Game Show is a process-driven project. All participants will need to be available to attend a series of meetings in New York City in April and May 2018. At these meetings we will collectively devise our meta-game, using artistic processes like cut-ups and Exquisite Corpse as inspiration. We will also program gaming events for participants who have performative and/or interactive game-based work.

Interested participants are invited to answer the Google Survey, where you can also sign up for meeting dates.

Survey must be submitted no later than April 15, 2018.

Exhibition will take place at Bullet Space, 292 E 3rd St, NYC, from May 25 – June 8, 2018.

Please send any queries to: