Altered Books: Digital Interventions

Altered Books: Digital Interventions celebrates the book as an object that can carry experience, represent language, tell a narrative, convey culture, or archive memory in the context of contemporary arts. The on-line exhibition is presented by the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community (DAC).

We consider the Altered Book as an artistic production made through the process of de-construction and re-construction of the book form. We are interested in Digital Interventions yielding screen-based still imagery that uses the legacy and symbolism of books, scrolls, manuscripts, and/or clay tablets as a point of departure.

Selected digital images will be presented in an online exhibition on the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts site hosted at

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The Digital Arts Community of ACM SIGGRAPH works to foster the evolution of a strong year round digital arts community within the international organization and promote a dialogue between visual artists and the larger ACM SIGGRAPH community.

We maintain an interactive Arts Portal and an associated social networking site that provides a central place for artists and scientists to share resources, information, artwork, and opportunities for collaboration. We also organize on-line exhibitions that are promoted throughout the ACM SIGGRAPH community and the international arts community.