Altered Festival – A mixed-reality adventure

The future of storytelling: multi-sensory immersive experiences.

A mixed-reality adventure highlighting cutting-edge artists and immersive experiences that alter our reality. The festival features VR/AR/XR artworks that explore multisensory experiences to alter our taste, smell, touch, or other senses.

In order to ensure that COVID – 19 health and safety regulations are maintained and the equipment is sanitized with a commercial-grade cleaner and UV light. We encourage visitors to book tickets in advance for the duration of the festival.

Single Entrance Pass $30 (Including one drink experience)
Student Pass $15 (Drink not included)

Festival Schedule:
Meeting with participating artists & VR Massage Therapy
Friday, 9th October

Screen-free play with action-based audio experiences
Friday, 16th October

Interactive performance & VR drink experiences
Friday, 23rd October

Award Announcement
Friday, 24th October

Exhibiting artists: Audioplay, Andromeda Entertainment, Banu İnanç Uyan Dur, CUTMOD, DoremiFa_Design, Daiki Kodama, Hanna Pajala-Assefa, Julia Tsai, Lena Mathew, Perfect Melon Team(Jas Brooks, Gabby Luu, Li Yao), Mark Wang, Vesper Guo, Yimin Zheng.

More info about the artists:


Altered Festival is aimed at all those who are approaching VR/AR/XR for innovative multi-sensory experiences. The way we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell may never be the same again. Altered Festival seeks this changing context and environment as a challenge and also an opportunity to promote and support cutting-edge artists and developers in our community.