ARRAY [ ] new media foundations for art and design edu Call for Collaboration, peer-reviewed repository

ARRAY [ ] new media foundations for art and design edu
Call for Collaboration, peer-reviewed repository

essay proposals:

project proposals:

You may propose multiple essays and/or projects. Select contributors will add their content directly. ARRAY [ ] projects can be edited and modified as contributors test and refine their projects in studios, workshops, and classrooms.

This ongoing project is made possible through the cultural support of a generous community of media and technology practitioners, researchers, activists, artists, designers, teachers and critics who care about learning, and share their code and ideas online. ARRAY [ ] was selected by’s membership for a 2012 Rhizome Commission. Thank you!

Trowbridge and Westbrook are both Assistant Professors at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where they teach courses in the Department of Contemporary Practices (first year/foundations curriculum) and upper division courses in The Department of Art and Technology Studies. Trowbridge and Westbrook collaborate as Channel TWo [CH2], a new media art and design studio focused on mixed up reality, media production, design, development, and distribution… authorized formats + unauthorized ideas, systems of control + radical togetherness. more:


ARRAY [ ] new media foundations for art and design is a repository of entryways into new media craft, processes, materials, cultures, and contexts specifically geared towards beginners (both teachers and students). ARRAY [ ] content includes both project scenarios and essays as mechanisms for learning. Unlike a conventional printed textbook, ARRAY [ ] uses the flexibility of the web platform to grow, change, adapt, and respond to shifts in art, design, technologies, and education. ARRAY [ ] is a peer-reviewed repository and publication, edited by Adam Trowbridge and Jessica Westbrook.

ARRAY [ ] Statements:

ARRAY[ ] is independent, and non-corporate. Our editors, developers, advisors, contributors, and organizers are all teachers and professors deeply invested in education.
ARRAY[ ] is a repository of knowledge based on the idea that the “foundations” of new media are constantly shifting, negotiated, contested, and divergent.
ARRAY[ ] is focused on art and design students, because these are populations that can operate outside of the bounds of acceptable behavior.
ARRAY[ ] is resistant to uncritical approaches to teaching contemporary media practices.
ARRAY[ ] is suspicious of concepts like “access,” innovation,” and “evidence-based strategies.”
ARRAY[ ] is counter to cultures of training and certification.
ARRAY[ ] is interested in sociopolitical factors of interface, media, and distribution systems.
ARRAY[ ] is conscious of the complexity of learning over time.
ARRAY[ ] is intended to assist teachers and learners in reducing fear, and increasing agency.