ASU/Leo Paid Imagination Fellowship – 6/Sept * CALL FOR PRESENTERS – LEAF Panel at College Arts Conference 16/Sept – Leonardo/ISAST

Full Details –

ASU-Leonardo and the Center for Science and the Imagination (CSI) are proud to announce the Leonardo Imagination Fellowship Program in fall 2020. Fellows selected to participate in this prototype season of the fellowship will join a virtual program to explore experimental ArtScience innovation practices, across multiple publishing and broadcast media platforms, that imagine a regenerative, vibrant global future for all.

Fellows will propose and carry out hybrid creative projects and activities that integrate art & science for positive global impact (spanning local to planetary scope) aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We will support experimental work, especially across new and emerging media or publishing, to model new ways that ArtScience can advance resilience, justice, empathy, cooperation, generosity, trust, and other qualities that make social systems and digital culture more human and more humane. Through the fellowship we hope not just to advance individual projects but also to support collaborations that connect diverse communities of practice and interest as well as the existing networks of Leonardo and CSI together for dialog, engagement, and empowerment.

The inaugural Fellowship Program will offer up to three virtual fellowships, beginning in October 2020, for a duration of 8 weeks.

Each Leonardo Imagination Fellow will:

  • Be recognized across ASU-Leonardo, CSI, Leonardo/ISAST, and related platforms
  • Receive up to US$1,000 stipend as cash honorarium
  • Receive up to US$1,000 additionally, in support of direct expenses
  • Receive technical assistance from ASU to develop and complete their work
  • Receive access to Leonardo archives and ASU academic resources in pursuit of scholarly research and creative practice
  • Participate in a co-created Leo Mentor Matrix, identifying 1–2 mentors, 1–2 peers, and 1–2 protégés with whom they will engage throughout their fellowship
  • Lead an ASU LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) event featuring a presentation they offer, and another by a presenter whom they will select & invite
  • Share their Statement of Intent to be disseminated across ASU-Leonardo & CSI network
  • Produce two Fellowship pieces (statement, creative work, research documentation, digital media, immersive experience, etc.) to be shared midway through the fellowship period as a work-in-progress/process, and at the end as a culmination of the Fellowship
  • Participate in special and ongoing events and activities of ASU-Leonardo and CSI
  • Commit 2-4 hours per week throughout the duration of the fellowship for collaborative meetings and activities where the fellows can engage with one another and the Leonardo and CSI networks, and additional time for self-directed project work

TOPIC: A Vision For Change: A New Media Architecture Uniting The Arts And Sciences
Details –

Theme Description:
Today, we confront radical, accelerated change in all aspects of human existence. We recall stories of speculative futures that influence our present lives. Many questions are left unasked, but answers reside in our individualistic lived experience. Images, geometry, sounds and text found in our aesthetically driven world can now be quantified as the metaphysics of data. If algorithms are embedded in all forms of human existence, how can a new calculus be conceptualized, embodying the power of an existing computational language of cybernetic thought?

Our world is confronting a series of existential challenges as computational experiments hypothetically unify human desire and survival capitalism. The world’s inhabitants, quantified as a finite resource, is only a single proposed mathematical economic truth, for our existence at this moment is yet to be realized through art, story and science. This opportunity of global crisis is a time to think about our individualistic cores that embody a range of human existence.

Our species has the ability and imagination to evolve by sharing new stories and our visions for an equitable future. Our contribution to world knowledge can be a newly realized future full of poetic promise. The power is in our aggregated voices being generated into one movement of energy for change—a series of compositions.

A vision to inspire behavioral systemic change is required now more than ever. We ask our community of artists, scientists and researchers to share proposals for a better world by revealing their research as a paradigm shift engaging technology.

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