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NMC Communications Committee

Member Spotlight: Justin Siji Waddell

I'm Japanese Canadian Nikkei, third generation, which has a lot of influence in my work as well, as Scottish and French Canadian.  That side of my family Is also very much involved in the labor movement in Canada, so a lot of my work deals with working within the labor movement being active within my own unions, also within larger regional and national organizations, towards social justice and equity work.

2023 Vagner Mendonça-Whitehead Microgrant grantee: Wednesday Kim

Wednesday Kim is an interdisciplinary artist and a co-founder of De:Formal Online. She is from Seoul, South Korea, and is currently based in California. Kim works with a mixture of analog and digital media, including 3D animation, video, performance, installation, print, and sculpture with clusterfuck aesthetics. Her artistic endeavors delve deep into the realm of personal experiences and the intricate workings of human psychology. Drawing inspiration from the most enigmatic corners of her mind, she masterfully crafts imagery that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary.