CAA Conference Edition – New York 2015 – NMC/Media-N – SRING 2015: V.11 N.02

CAA-Conference-2015-cover-smallCAA Conference Edition – New York 2015

NMC/Media-N – SRING 2015: V.11 N.02

Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus is pleased to announce the launch of our summer 2015 online and print edition.


Online & print edition

CAA Conference Edition – New York 2015

I am delighted to publish the current CAA Conference Edition 2015, New York, and would like to thank Associate Editor Tiffany Funk for her role as Managing Editor of V.11 N.02. Tiffany assembled and edited the publication material with the assistance of Rachel Clarke and Sid Branca.

Each year, the New Media Caucus – an affiliate of the College Art Association – organizes panel presentations, events and exhibitions during the CAA annual convention, and Media-N Journal dedicates its summer edition to showcasing NMC conference proceedings and concurrent offsite events. The New Media Caucus’ Events and Exhibitions Committee – chaired by Joyce Rudinsky –organized the 2015 proceedings.

This year we saw one panel presentation and two events, the first a series of presentations in the Media Lounge onsite at the conference venue in the New York Hilton and the second our customary offsite Showcase event hosted this time around by Hunter College.

With the intention of creating a conversation outside of the habitual rhetoric of techno euphoria, skepticism, or dread, Aleksandra Kaminska chaired the panel “Technologies of Wonder: Affective Responses in a Posthuman World.” Panel members Janine Marchessault, Florence Gouvrit Montaño and Jordi Vallverdú, Robert Gero, and Aleksandra Kaminska herself, discussed ideas on how to restore and nurture the affective dimensions of techno-encounters.

The Media Lounge at the Hilton became the locus for various events around the theme of “Alternative Economies” presenting two dominant themes: how bodies and narratives can act as disruptive forces within certain economies and the modes in which alternative economies are established. These topics are covered in this edition via Mat Rappaport’s introduction, Stephanie Tripp’s roundtable discussion with event organizers, a curatorial statement on the first session by Liss LaFleur and Ash Eliza Smith, and finally, a report on the second session by Tiffany Funk.

Tiffany Funk also contributes a comprehensive, illustrated report on the exciting CAA 2015 Showcase event in which we saw the participation of eighteen artists.

Pat Badani


V.11 N.02 publication acknowledgements:

-Publication coordinator and Editor-in-Chief: Pat Badani
-Managing Editor for the current edition: Tiffany Funk
-Publication design and layout: Michael Powell (print); Stacey Stormes (web)
-Copy editors and proofreaders for the current edition: Stephanie Tripp, Tiffany Funk, Thomas F. Cohen and Pat Badani.
-Cover image: Voice of Echo, 2011, Erin Gee, © Erin Gee. (Used with permission.)