Call for Applications – Summer 2016 Programs at School of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe

The School of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe is thrilled to announce our open call for applications! Our four-week intensive summer programs will focus on three main areas: computer vision, machine learning for artists, and virtual reality.

Leading figures in the fields of new-media art and technology will unite in Berlin to lead the full-time programs, which have in the past drawn attendees from as far away as Brazil, Mexico, India, and the US, as well as from several countries throughout Europe.

Visit our website to learn more and submit an application:

In addition, we’re excited to offer two scholarships per program to cover tuition cost for refugee applicants with some experience in the areas of art and technology. If you know persons who may be interested in applying, please forward this email!

See Or Be Seen (topic: Computer Vision): 6 June – 1 July
The Neural Aesthetic (topic: AI & Machine Learning for Artists): 4 July – 29 July
Virtual Fictions: (topic: Storytelling & Virtual Reality): 1 August – 26 August

Second Early application deadline: 2 May
Regular application deadline: Program Begin

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School of Machines, Making & Make Believe is a uniquely curated School born in Berlin, Germany in 2014, keen on inventing one-of-a-kind hands-on learning experiences in the areas of art, technology, design, and human connection. We embrace art, creativity and exploring the latest technology and ourselves with humility and curiosity.

We teach tangible skills like how to code, work with electronics and use digital fabrication tools while exploring concepts, narrative and play. Our goal is to help people take the fantastical ideas inside their heads out into the physical realm to further their artistic practice or to help wrestle out the confidence to begin one. We teach technology to artists and design, creativity, and art to the technology community.