Call for Panel Participation – CAA Washington, DC 2016

Augmented Reality- invention/reinvention

The New Media Caucus invites individuals to submit artwork or papers for a panel titled Augmented Reality – invention/reinvention.


This panel sponsored by the New Media Caucus calls for artists, scholars, and theoreticians to reflect on the possibilities of understanding cultural issues related to the continuum of Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality as project, paper, performance, public art, and mobile location are welcomed.

While Baudrillard theorized about simulation, William Gibson imaginatively constructed virtual possibilities through fiction. As early as 1985, Virtual Reality platforms were physically realized by Jaron Lanier and Thomas Zimmerman’s manufacture of VR gloves and goggles.

Today artists critically manipulate the continuum between reality and virtuality testing our abilities to discern fact and fiction. We are able to explore the possibilities of augmented reality experiences through 3D models, video, web links, sounds or other digital media via the ubiquity of smart phones or tablets. This ubiquity welcomes both narrative and performativity into the continuum of the real and imagined.

Artistic creation in virtual realms reflect cultural realisms of identity, race, geographic location, gender, sexuality and others not as absolute or inherited but as malleable possibilities, subject to continuous invention and re-invention by creating layers of imagination and technological forms.

Submission must include:

  • 3-page CV, submitted as PDF 

  • 300 – 600 word abstract that describes the artistic or scholarly work.
  • Documentation of art.

Publishing Requirement:Media-N Journal of the New Media Caucus will publish a conference edition after the CAA conference, showcasing conference proceedings sponsored by the NMC. To this end, Individuals are required to submit materials for the journal edition. Media-N offers flexibility regarding how to achieve the publishing requirement. Once invitations are accepted, the Editor-in-Chief of Media-N will contact the chair(s) to further discuss and plan for the publishing requirement. All materials for publication must be completed by mid-April after the conference.


  • This panel is for the 1.5-hour New Media Caucus sponsored panel session.
  • Panelists must be NMC members. 
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  • Panelists do not need to be CAA members. 

  • NMC does not fund conference fees, transportation, or hotels for panelists. 

  • 1.5 hour sessions at CAA are free and open to the public. 

  • Presenting during a 1.5 hour session does not disqualify you from chairing a panel or serving as a panelist in 2.5 hour session at CAA.

Peer review will occur shortly after the deadline. 
Notification of acceptance will be late May. 
The chosen panel will be submitted to CAA in mid June.

Email submissions by May 31, 2014 to Elizabeth Demaray,