Call for Panelists: Dematerialization of the Art Experience New Media Caucus Roundtable at CAA, 2020

Call for Panelists: Dematerialization of the Art Experience
New Media Caucus Roundtable at CAA, 2020


At CAA, 2014 Rachel Clarke and Tom Burtonwood convened a New Media Caucus satellite event on 3D printing at Columbia College, Chicago. Since then many of the artists and educators who participated in the roundtable have developed practices in Virtual Reality / Extended Reality experiences. This represents a distinct shift from a materialization of the digital object back to the liminality of virtual space.

Using the roundtable format once again, Clarke and Burtonwood are interested in exploring the physical-virtual shift that has occurred, and want to prompt a discussion on concepts, processes, and technologies prevalent in 3D CG and 3D printing that have bridged into VR practices. They would like to bring in some new voices to discuss how VR / XR is presently changing the landscape of art, and what parallels to 3D printing and digital fabrication might exist.

For clarity, we refer to all combinations of 3D, 3D print, AR, MR, VR as XR (extended reality practices) below.

Areas for Discussion

  • What XR practices are extant, and what new practices are emerging?
  • How are XR practices being blended in new ways within curricular experiences?
  • What are the obstacles to establishing a successful integration in the classroom?
  • What are the best practices for addressing inclusiveness and equity across race, gender, age, religion, identity, economic status and experience? What are effective ways of dealing with stereotypical representations in the field?
  • Accessibility – what access or experiences are made possible through XR?
  • What conceptual frameworks/pedagogy are being established?

In addition to pedagogical concerns, artists/designers can discuss how they integrate XR practices in their work, and how their form and content has evolved as new technologies and concepts have emerged.

  • What new practices are emerging from the blurring of distinctions between the physical realm and the virtual one?
  • How does practice and pedagogy intersect?
  • Modifying reality: how might immersive experiences be conceptualized outside of vision?

 Who is the Roundtable for?

The roundtable welcomes artists and designers who are conversant with any combination of 3D, VR, MR, AR and XR; artists and educators who are using these platforms, or who are beginning to explore the possibilities of these technologies; AND those who are simply curious about these established and emerging technologies. 

Panel and Roundtable format:

Introduction / rapid fire presentations by panelists / questions and group discussion / breakout sessions / conclusions

Call for Questions/topics: please send topics/questions for the discussion in advance to the emails below. 

Call for Panelists: if you wish to be considered for a rapid-fire panel presentation (There will be 10 presentations, each 6:40 mins) please send five jpeg images, a 1 paragraph bio, and a 1-2 paragraph description of your XR / 3D activities to: Rachel Clarke and Tom Burtonwood ( and by Nov 15, 2019