Call for Papers SECAC: Ecology Communication in Art and Education

Today, we live in a time of increasing pressures on the environment from climate change and
other sources. As the current state of political discourse sometimes demonstrates, this makes it
critical to use various media to inform and engage the public on the challenges we face. In this
panel, the participants will discuss projects that explore how art communicates vital
information about ecology and science. From landscape painters to land artists, there is a long
tradition of art dealing with the environment and man’s impact on it. This panel will explore
how new artistic practices and interdisciplinary efforts are meeting the greater challenges we
face today.

This session will focus on the critical role that art can play in communicating scientific and
ecological challenges. The panel will present examples demonstrating a broad spectrum of
ways to approach this challenge. These include the communication of science through visually
representative means, scientifically rigorous investigations whose outcomes are both artist and
scientific, and collaborations between artists and scientists. The panel addresses both artistic
works and educational efforts.

Deadline: April 20th

Session Chairs: Sara Gevurtz, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Thomas Asmuth, University of West Florida


The 2016 SECAC Conference will be held in Roanoke, VA, hosted by Virginia Tech and Hollins University ( Sessions will include panels by artists and art historians on a variety of topics.