Call For Papers: The Impact of Generative AI on Human Creativity.

We invite contributions to a Special Issue on the Impact of Generative AI technologies on Human Creativity, to be published by AI & Society – the Journal of Culture, Knowledge and Communication (Springer)

The rapid rise of generative AI technologies in applications of human creative practice – including visual art, illustration, cinema, writing, performance and music – has raised both opportunities and questions regarding the future of human and machine creativity, and more broadly around human culture. These issues span the conceptual (e.g. what roles will AI technologies fulfil in future creative practices?), ethical (e.g. issues of “style theft” and use of artist’s work as training data), legal (e.g. questions of authorship and copyright) and creative (e.g. does AI have its own aesthetic?).

We invite submissions for this Special Issue of AI & Society (AI&S) that expands critical scholarly research by examining both the current and future impacts of Generative AI technologies on human creative practice, creativity, and culture. The aim of this Special Issue is to present state-of-the-art work across a variety of relevant disciplines. We welcome contributions from researchers, theorists, practitioners and artists.

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Guest Editors:

Prof. Jon McCormack, SensiLab, Monash University, Australia,
Dr Maria Teresa Llano, SensiLab, Monash University, Australia,
Dr Nina Rajcic, SensiLab, Monash University, Australia,
Ms Tace McNamara, SensiLab, Monash University, Australia, tace.mcnamara@vdziekan

We are a team of story tellers, artists, makers, hackers, designers, developers, musicians, coders, scientists, theorists, luthiers and builders. Through our research we explore the innovative creative applications and undiscovered opportunities of technology. Working across disciplines, approaches and materials, we approach each inquiry with curiosity and rigour in order to learn through creating. We acknowledge process as well as outcome, and value the experiential and the sensory. We create space where new connections can be made and believe that new thinking emerges from diversity, genuine collaboration, and an openness to the unexpected.