Call for Presentations for the New Media Caucus, New Media Lounge at College Art Association, New York City

Between Biology and Art

Convened by Renate Ferro, Chair
Tohm Judson, and Elisabeth Pellathy

Within the hybrid interventions of BIOART, the tools of the citizen artist and new media technologies converge.  This round table will investigate this territory that encapsulates the boundaries between truth and the imagination as it relates to such conceptual issues as politics, race, feminism, ethics, scientific methodology, among others.  These new generative iterations create grounds of tension for creative and critical engagement within the fields of research and art.  We invite new media artists, researchers, historians and others to join this round table where we investigate current topics such as germs, fermenting, probiotics, skin, ecologies and many more intersections between biology, technology, and new media practices. We particularly seek innovative presentations.  Please send a proposal with documentation (imagery, vimeo links, other links) and a cv to Renate Ferro, Cornell University, by December 1st.