CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS: NMC Showcase during CAA 2016 in Washington D.C.

Dear NMC Members:

We are proud to announce that George Washington University will host the seventh annual NMC Showcase during CAA 2016 on Thursday February 4th.

The NMC showcase is a series of rapid-fire presentations by 16 NMC members (6 minute presentations). It has proven to be a great forum to get to know the work of a number of fellow members in a lively atmosphere and a great way to present your work to like-minded individuals.  Several spots are reserved for graduate students currently enrolled in an MFA or PHD program.

How you use the 6 minutes is up to you – show one project or a dozen – finished or in-process work.

Presenters are chosen by lottery. You must enter your name to be considered. Only members that have not participated in the showcase in the past three years are eligible.

We publish simultaneous web and print on demand CAA Conference Editions yearly that includes the NMC Showcase. Participants are asked to submit a statement and work samples.


Send Joyce Rudinsky an email indicating that you would like to be entered into the lottery for the NMC Showcase.  Please indicate if you are FT Professor, PT Professor, Graduate Student – as well as your title/institution/program as appropriate, or are institutionally independent. In addition, please provide a URL if you have one.


Monday, December 7th, 2015


  • Shortly after the 12/7/15 deadline, names are randomly drawn for the available presentation slots, and selectees are contacted to confirm acceptance.
  • Those selected are asked to submit their presentation materials (PPT, Keynote, QT files, etc.) by Monday 1/18/16, so that a compilation of all materials are on one computer for the presentations.