Call for Entries

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS — “Humanizing the Digital” Symposium at Texas Woman’s University

The North Texas Digital Fabrication Group 2018 Symposium
"Humanizing the Digital"
April 20-21, 2018
At Texas Woman's University, Denton, Texas


The 3rd annual North Texas Digital Fabrication Symposium (NTDFS) highlights the creative potential for digital fabrication tools and techniques to reconnect us to our humanity. Contrary to society’s worst fear of the dystopian impact of technology, innovative and creative uses of digital fabrication open up possibilities for reconsidering the way humans learn, make and connect through the creative arts. The NTDFS is intended to be a forum for considering the hybrid, interdisciplinary and creative futures that lead us back to the complex imperfection of our humanity.

The NTDFS seeks interdisciplinary proposals that connect and expand an art and design perspective into other areas of research and practice. As an extension of our mission to highlight the relationship between technology and humanity, we emphasize a spectrum of digital makers representing diverse perspectives including gender, race and ethnic identity. Particularly in a time when the tech world is under serious scrutiny for a lack of commitment to diversity and access, we hope to represent perspectives that the general public less frequently associates with these new technologies.

All proposals should address the connection of any specific topic to the field of digital fabrication. Preference will be given to proposals that embrace an open-source participatory approach to knowledge sharing. With this symposium we strive to create an atmosphere of discussion and dialogue, in keeping with the spirit of the “Maker Movement”.

Below are some aspects of the theme (Humanizing the Digital) that we invite you to explore in your proposals, although you are not required to stay within these sub-themes:

--Failure and Adaptation: Creating aesthetics of imperfection within multiple areas of research including design, sound, material, theory, pedagogy, performance, engineering, fashion, science, computer science, information sciences, craft, and fine art.
--A craft approach to technology — humanizing digital processes that welcome experimentation and inclusivity.
--Using “maker” tools and approaches to encourage participation in all forms of creativity and design, at levels from beginner to expert.
--Design as empowerment through creative subversion, and cross-pollination across disciplines.
--Digital pedagogy — harnessing technology’s potential to restructure learning, making and collaboration and challenges within this.

We are seeking proposals in the following 3 formats:

Presentations — individual presentations (10-15 minutes) will be grouped into panels based on affinities in subject matter.
Panel — a moderator and 2–4 presenters (75 minutes)
Workshops (either hands-on or discussion format) — 1 to 3 instructors/moderators, (2 1/2 hours)

Please note that symposium organizers are currently pursuing a range of funding sources but cannot guarantee the resources to cover expenses/stipends for presenters. If accepted, presenters may be responsible for covering their expenses associated with participating in the Symposium.

Proposal Submission Form --

The North Texas Digital Fabrication Group originated at the University of North Texas, and includes members from the University of Texas Dallas, Texas Christian University, and the host of this year's symposium, Texas Woman's University. The NTDFG seeks to facilitate the free exchange of information among faculty, staff, and students interested in digital fabrication, particularly in the areas of art, design, and pedagogy.

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