Call for Entries

Call for Papers at CAA 2012 in LA on New Media Related Panels

I want to draw your attention to the fact that there are going to be several 2.5-hour New Media related panels at next year’s CAA, which have calls-for-papers currently underway, and I’d like to take this moment to highlight several of those that you might be interested in, including the NMC Sponsored Panel: Magic & Media Chaired by Mina Cheon & Lisa Paul Streitfeld. For the FULL Call for Papers at CAA in LA as well as the process and deadline for submitting proposals, download the PDF located online at: New Media Caucus Sponsored Panel: Magic & Media Chaired by…

Annual Report

2011 Annual Report for the New Media Caucus

This has been an exceptional year for the New Media Caucus, with our energies focused on organizing activities in conjunction with the 2011 CAA Conference in New York City, building a partnership with the International Digital Media & Arts Association (IDMAA), launching our new website, publishing several editions of the Media-N journal, developing a print-on-demand version of Media-N, expanding the membership base, and increasing organizational awareness within the field. The organization has expanded significantly, having added 135 new members since the 2010 CAA conference, which brings our total membership to 665. New members most frequently cite our activities at CAA, invitations and referrals from…