Member Spotlight: Sue Huang

Sue Huang is an artist working at the intersections of new media, installation, and social practice. Her current work investigates our complex techno-cultural relationships to nature, exploring the ways that tactile, sensorial experiences are mediated through emerging technologies. These explorations draw connections to the socio-political power structures that shape our environment, suggesting a way forward through collective imagination and action.


Member Spotlight: Chelsea Thompto

Chelsea Thompto is a trans-disciplinary artist whose practice is strongly rooted in her experience as a transwoman. Chelsea utilizes the prefix TRANS as a tactical gesture that moves between across materials and modes of working in order to explore form and concept. Chelsea’s work spans video, computer code, digital fabrication, writing, photography, printmaking, and bookbinding, relying on the contested inherent qualities of these mediums to construct narratives and metaphors. Chelsea is invested in creating projects in the open-source ethos, and you can find an archive of her code on her website. Chelsea is currently a Visiting Professor at Grand Valley…


CAA 2020 Recap: Jevi

2020 Judson-Morrissey Fellows 2 DAYS AWAY. Hi! I’m Jevi, and this February I received the 2020 Judson-Morrisey Excellence in New Media Award from the New Media Caucus. My journey began on Feb 10, a few days before the conference began. I had spent the week prior meticulously going through the conference calendar, highlighting events that were relevant to my thesis, interests, current or past courses, career-related, and a few that were tangential and would provide exposure to new ideas. I landed, for the first time, in Chicago, and was greeted by the wind! I later found out that it was sometimes…


CAA 2020 Recap: Laura Hyunjhee Kim

2020 Judson-Morrissey Fellows Greetings from my artosphere to yours! My name is Laura Hyunjhee Kim, an earth-dweller, a living-human, a Korean-American multimedia artist. I’m super grateful to have received the 2020 Judson-Morrissey Excellence in New Media Art Award and to have been recognized for what I love doing.  To give you a brief overview of what I do, I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance (IAWP) at the College of Media, Communication and Information (CMCI), University of Colorado Boulder. My work performs moments, often with an otherworldly sense of humor, that necessitate and embrace the complexities…


CAA 2020 Recap: James Welch

2020 Judson-Morrissey Fellow Winning the Judson-Morrissey Scholarship to attend the College Art Association Conference in Chicago was a huge contribution to my research and practice. Being a relatively young artist, at the beginning of my career, it was helpful to speak with other artists in New Media, to discuss the ways that technology, and new media were informing their practice. The highlight being the New Media Caucus Showcase in which national artists shared their research, and explorations. This event was also an opportunity to network and asks questions. To my surprise artists were willing to share their techniques, and experiences…


Member Spotlight: Dustin Dennis

Dustin Dennis is an interdisciplinary artist and designer whose practice and research currently includes 3D computer modeling, animation and rendering. He has exhibited sculptures, digital prints, photographs and video installation across the U.S. at such locations as Tiger Strikes Astroid and Exit Art in New York City, the Clough-Hanson Gallery at Rhodes College and the Art and Design Gallery at the University of Kansas. Dennis owns and operates a 3D printed jewelry design business, Polygonal Encyclopedia. His jewelry designs have been featured on such websites as the Wirecutter, the Nerdist, and Shapeways. Dennis received his BFA in New Media from…

Hub, Member News

Member Spotlight: Pamela L. Jennings, Ph.D. | As a creative scholar working at the crossroads of the arts, design, engineering, and critical theory, I have engaged in and supported discovery, innovation, learning, and economic development across institutions of higher education, and corporate and non-profit think-tanks. This includes advocating for and teaching integrative learning and research across a range of educational institutions from research universities to art colleges. As an emerging new media artist in the late 80’s to mid-90’s, I participated in a wide variety of arts career building opportunities in New York City and beyond.  This ranged from a 1984 internship with the…