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Media-N Vol 15 No 2 (2019): CAA Conference Proceedings 2019

Vol 15 No 2 (2019): CAA Conference Proceedings 2019 These documents represent select proceedings of the activities of the New Media Caucus at the 2019 College Art Association Conference in New York City, which took place February 13–17, 2019. Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus

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Current Issue of Media-N: Journal of the New Media Caucus

Vol 15 No 1 (2019): Autonomous Art Systems Guest edited by Nick Bontrager and Adam Fung, this special issue of Media-N entitled Autonomous Art Systems features contributions from scholars and practitioners examining the intersection of contemporary new media practice and drone technology. Open Call: Exhibition and Book Review submissions for Media-N Please include in your 300 word proposal the title of the book or exhibition to be reviewed, potential questions the review will raise and relevance to new media scholarship and practice. Proposals should list names of authors or artists who are included in the publication or exhibition; a timeline for publication; and intended…

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Call for Submissions | Beyond Survival: Public Funding for the Arts and Humanities – Art Journal Open

Three decades into the long culture wars, how are artists, scholars, and cultural organizations navigating shifting political, community, and financial tides? Where have we encountered friction or congruence between federal priorities and our work at state, local, and community levels? Has our work changed – in structure, presentation, or substance – in response to these priorities? Despite threats of elimination earlier in the year, federal funding for the arts and humanities has been preserved—at least for now. While rightly celebrating this collective accomplishment, we must also acknowledge that ideological pressures on US cultural policy are performed as much through selective…

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Internet of Other People’s Things – dealing with the pathologies of our digital world

An open-access publication bringing together critical perspectives on ubiquitous technologies and asymmetric battles for power. Please send your email submissions to: Website Link: by Linda Kronman & Andreas Zingerle (KairUs Art+Research) and Jonathan Woodier (Sol International School’s Department of Global Media and Communications Arts (South Korea), Associate Fellow of the Strategic Communications Centre at King’s College, London) CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS (DEADLINE April 30, 2018) The expansion of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and the proliferation of virtually-connected data points are providing ever increasing amounts of information for those keen on use or abuse. The Hobbesian nature of cyberspace,…

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Call for Abstracts: European Drama and Performance Studies Journal

In The Emancipated Spectator, Jacques Rancière questions the relationship of the viewer and the work (theatre, art, film, etc.). He asks what does it mean if the viewer is seen as passive and the performer as active. He is concerned with the political implications of relegating the viewer’s role to that of observer. As Guy Debord has pointed out this leads to the creation of one-way transmissions, the spectacle. Image-based media has tended to bring forward various forms of empathy in the viewer, be it identifying with a hero or a call to action. Since the Agitprop trains of the…

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CFP – Autonomous Art Systems: Opportunities, Pitfalls and Implications – Media-N -2017 Fall Issue

Guest Editors Nick Bontrager, Texas Christian University Adam Fung, Texas Christian University Editor-In-Chief Kevin Hamilton Media-N, the Journal of the New Media Caucus, invites submissions for an issue about the use of Autonomous Art Systems, tethered and untethered systems of making, self-guided vehicles, and related programming in creative fields of study. Submissions could include: accounts of new artworks that address concepts of drones or autonomous surveillance as subject or form; reflections on the influence of emerging “intelligent” technologies on studio art practices; or critical/historical analysis of the aesthetics of autonomous technologies in light of their social and technical implications. Artists…

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Extended CFP “Video Game Art Reader” Inaugural Issue, Deadline: January 23, 2017

Video Game Art Reader Call for Papers Extension, Issue #1: To accommodate the demands of the holiday season, the Video Game Art Reader (VGAR) has extended its deadline for paper submissions for its inaugural issue in the summer of 2017 to allow interested authors time to proof and polish their submissions. All paper submissions are now due by 11:50pm on January 23rd, 2017. Late submissions will be accepted purely at the discretion of the Editor in Chief, Dr. Tiffany Funk. Context: The VGAR seeks a variety of art historical analyses and works of art criticism pertaining to all levels of…

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Spring 2016: V.12 N.01 Mestizo Technology: Art, Design, and Technoscience in Latin America

Mestizo Tech link to web edition: Mestizo Tech link to LULU edition: Latin America is a diverse geographical and cultural region populated by a wealth of extremely productive new media specialists with significant local and global exposure. Yet, scarce are academic English language anthologies composed of theoretical writings that survey the status of art, technology and design practices in and by that constituency. With this in mind, Media-N’s mission has been to support a provocative theme that might begin to fill the gap. “Mestizo Technology: Art, Design, and Technoscience in Latin America” is the title proposed by Guest…

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Media-N Fall 2016 Issue CFP

Uncovering News: Reporting and Forms of New Media Art Media-N -2016 fall issue: V. 12 N. 3 Guest Editors Abigail Susik, Willamette University Grant Taylor, Lebanon Valley College Editor-In-Chief Kevin Hamilton Media-N, the Journal of the New Media Caucus, invites submissions for an issue about new media art and its relation to news, reportage, and journalism. Relevant subjects could include: media artworks that address news as subject or form; the influence of new media art on journalism; or critical/historical analysis of the reporting of new media art in popular or disciplinary press venues. Media artists have mined news and journalism…

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Call for Reviews/Reports/Papers/ for Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus – Spring 2016 edition

Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus is making an open call for submissions to the Reviews and Reports section of our upcoming spring issue. The section is devoted to publishing short, high-quality essays and interviews that provide readers with an up-to-date picture of global trends in new media art. The subjects sought relate to new media books, exhibitions, and international festivals, conferences and symposia. The deadline for submission is March 15th. The Editor-in-Chief (Pat Badani), the section Editor and the Editorial Board will review submissions. Selected authors will be notified in March. This section of the journal offers opportunities for new…