Celebrating Artistic Innovation: The Judson-Morrissey 2023 & Vagner Mendonça-Whitehead 2023 Micrograms Winners

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🌟 We cordially invite you to explore the world of New Media Art! Join us in celebrating the exceptional achievements of The Judson-Morrissey 2023 Excellence in New Media Award and the 2023 Vagner Mendonça-Whitehead Micrograms winners.

These gifted artists, representing a diverse spectrum of creative expression, invite you to witness their innovative works, spanning from the historical nuances of net.art to the cutting-edge realm of VR.

By embracing post-internet art, they immerse us in a broader human experience, shedding light on vital issues such as mental health, capitalism, religion, and the impact of hate crimes on communities.

Your support amplifies their voices, making the field richer and more inclusive. Let us together celebrate creativity, diversity, and innovation in the digital domain!