CFP, Conference Session: New Aesthetics and the Postdigital, Their Effect on Contemporary Art

CFP: New Aesthetics and the Postdigital, Their Effect on Contemporary Art. Since its introduction at SXSW in 2012, “New Aesthetics” has been increasingly recognized as an important perspective in the discussions of digital and postdigital art as well as a driving force in art practice. At a time when contemporary art production is commonly facilitated by digital technology, New Aesthetics is a frame of reference and an attitude revealing the pervasiveness of digital objects’ presence in our everyday lives as well as the deeply rooted and persistent, autonomous agency of computational algorithms in many forms of contemporary art. Regardless of the inadequacy of its coinage, proposals addressing the variety of issues suggested by New Aesthetics, New Aesthetic artistic practice and objects, and New Aesthetic’s relationship to the notion of postdigital are welcome.

Session Chair: Scott Contreras-Koterbay, East Tennessee State University ( or

The 2016 SECAC Conference will be held in Roanoke, VA, hosted by Virginia Tech and Hollins University ( Sessions are include presentations by studio artists, art historians and a mix of these and other professionals.