CFP: The Arts and New Technologies (Greenwich, CT; June 19, 2016)

The Bruce Museum welcomes submissions for its second annual graduate student symposium, this year organized in conjunction with the exhibition Electric Paris.

Electric Paris explores the ways in which artists depicted older oil and gas lamps and the newer electric lighting that emerged by the turn of the twentieth century. Whether nostalgic renderings of gas lit boulevards, subtly evocative scenes of half shadow, or starkly illuminated dance halls, these works of art record the ways in which Parisians experienced the city as it transitioned from old to new technologies.

Building on this central theme of the exhibition, the museum invites graduate students in the humanities to submit papers on the relationship between the arts and the advent of new technologies from a broad range of time periods, geographic regions, and theoretical approaches. From the invention of the printing press through to the popularization of social media, emerging technologies have had a profound effect on the arts. This symposium seeks to address how artists, writers, musicians, and the like have responded to advancements in travel, communication, medicine, etc., which radically reshape the lived experience.

Potential approaches to this topic include, but are not limited to:
• Technology as subject matter
• Using new technology in the process of art making
• New technology as artistic medium
• New technology as dissemination tool
• Overt rejection of technology
• History and reception of new technology
• Gendered, racial, or social issues in relation to technological change
• Exhibition of new technology
• New technology and the built environment

Graduate students chosen to participate in the symposium will present 20 minute papers, which will be followed by a discussion moderated by Dr. Gülru Çakmak, Assistant Professor of Nineteenth-Century European Art at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. All graduate speakers will receive an award of $250 for participating.

Please submit an abstract (maximum 300 words) for a twenty-minute paper and a one-page CV as a single PDF by February 15, 2016. Selected speakers will be notified in early March.

Completed papers must be submitted by April 20th.
Please email materials to Mia Laufer at

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