From handbound woodblock printed zines to rendered CAD drawings, Chronodrift will showcase over 150 examples of print media at The Lumber Room in Portland, Oregon, opening on April 1st. The exhibition will include work by Alfred University Expanded Media alumni, such as Ying Miao’s Self Cleaner, a union of a woman and an industrial vacuum superimposed on a high-res scan of dryer lint and Ark3: Fly Signals – Anatomical Quivering – Spirit Guides, an archival pigment print of a fly-man in a video studio by Darrin Martin and Torsten Zenas Burns. Faculty work will include Joseph Scheer’s investigation into moth species through high-resolution digital prints at a 60” scale and Kathryn Vajda’s Snow City at Dawn, inkjet prints of built landscapes presenting changing climate ecosystems through a science-fiction lens.

Ying Miao Self - Cleaner 32 x 44” Digital Print 2008
Ying Miao
Self – Cleaner
32 x 44”
Digital Print