Deadline for Submissions: January 1st 2023.

COSMIC RAYS DIGITAL is now accepting submissions for all types of digital art including: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality; digitally generated videos and animation; game art; electronics; and interactive immersive art for our upcoming exhibition at March 1st – April 1st at Lump Gallery in Raleigh, NC in conjunction with the Cosmic Rays Film Festival.

COSMIC RAYS DIGITAL will select a broad range of digital and immersive works for exhibition in a physical gallery. There are no thematic limitations to the work we will accept, but if themes emerge from the submissions, they might provide a curatorial framework.

Artists are responsible for shipping the work to the gallery. Return shipping must be possible with UPS, USPS, or Fed Ex (which could limit insurance values). Shipping material must be reusable and return shipping must be arranged and paid for by the artist. All exhibiting artists will receive an honorarium.

COSMIC RAYS DIGITAL is a new programming initiative of the Cosmic Rays Film Festival. Like the Cosmic Rays Film Festival, Cosmic Rays Digital aims to support artists who are excited by the formal and conceptual possibilities of emerging digital media technologies.


COSMIC RAYS DIGITAL is a programming initiative of the Cosmic Rays Film Festival that highlights the artistic exploration of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, interactive and online media, and other New Media technologies.