Creative Computing Faculty Opportunity at Center of Creative Computation at SMU

Dear Processing Educators,

We have a full-time renewable lecturer position to fill in the Center of Creative Computation at SMU, and it’s possible we’ll have 2. This is an opportunity to build your own courses and research agenda with excellent support. We’re a small growing interdisciplinary program with connections across the entire campus. Ideally candidates will have a combined background in Computer Science or Software Development and creative practice or scholarship. We currently teach courses that triple count for Computer Science, Creative Computing and Arts majors (The university is about to allow programming courses to count for a language requirement as well, so quad counting could be coming 😉 We do all this (as do many of you I assume) by covering CS theory in the context of creative development, so we really need ‘unicorn’ instructors who have strengths in (at least) 2 areas. We know you’re out there!

the Center of Creative Computation at SMU combines engineering, computer science, the arts and humanities, creative computation uses technology as a powerful medium to create 2D and 3D works of art, augmented performance, intelligent physical spaces and real-time interactivity.

Ira Greenberg
Director, Center of Creative Computation and Professor, Computer Science and Engineering