Defund + Defend: Digital Artifact Sale for M4BL

Check out the New Media Caucus statement of solidarity and Black Lives Matter resources

In response to worldwide protests mobilizing for Black Lives, the New Media Caucus in collaboration with the Queer Caucus for Art have created a sale of Digital Artifacts.

100% of all sales go to the Movement for Black Lives.

Artwork donation submissions begin on June 12th and ends on June 26th.

The Purchase Portal opens June 20th and closes July 4th.

*Artworks will be added on a rolling basis


What is a Digital Artifact?

Digital Artifacts are the creative outcome of any computer-mediated form of production that can be distributed and delivered digitally. Submissions are on a rolling basis, over the course of a two week submission period.

So what can I submit?

Some suggestions: Cell phone background, desktop background, delightful gifs, video stills, excerpts from films, 3D files and assets, audio clips, excerpts from original scores, digital sketches of wild unrealized projects.

You may donate anything you wish that falls under the category of a digital artifact, however, only original artworks will be accepted.

Multiple submissions are allowed, but each work needs to fill out a submission form and sign a contract.

Some Resources for creating digital artifacts

We reserve the right to not include your submission if it falls outside what we are able to host as a digital artifact, if it is offensive or inappropriate, or otherwise does not follow the guidelines.

For questions or concerns email

How to participate


Donate a digital artifact through the below submission form

  • Accepted file formats: jpg, gif, png, tiff, pdf, svg, mov, mp4, wmv, mkv, avi, mp3, flac, wma, aiff, wav
  • File size no larger than 400 MB
  • For 2D works – no larger than 1920 px on any side. max 300 ppi
  • For other file formats or files larger than 400 MB include a download link in the submission form

Sign the agreement that is included in the form

Work For Sale on

Each work will be sold at $30, in editions of 5


Buyers purchase works and enjoy them forever

100% of all sales go to the Movement for Black Lives.

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