Drive Social Change with The New MA in Civic Media at Columbia College Chicago

Merge activism with media practice in the Civic Media MA program at Columbia College Chicago. Collaborate with local communities to create user-centered projects and media strategies to position yourself for a job with social impact.

At the heart of the program is the thesis project. You’ll design, implement, and assess project-based solutions that address real community needs. These projects vary widely. You might help a community solve an information problem and build relationships with city leaders, or you may work with an interest group on a quality-of-life issue. But in the end, the project will coincide with your interests, skills, and the conversations you have with community leaders.

You’ll draw on the resources available in Chicago, the nation’s third-largest media market, and graduate with a valuable skill set in strategic communications, design thinking, collaborative project development, cross-platform storytelling, journalism and media, information analysis, data visualization, and user-experience design.

Columbia College Chicago schedules its Civic Media courses with working professionals in mind. Many courses meet only once a week, and most classes are online or meet Fridays and weekends.

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Facebook: @CivicMediaMA

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LinkedIn: CivicMediaMA

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Dr. Yonty Friesem, Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Director,


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