Emotional Interfaces — The Wrong

We are two young curators, Virginie Tan and Astrid Lours-Riou. We just launched an online exhibition part of the 4th edition of The Wrong Biennale (https://thewrong.org/) dedicated to digital art.

The Wrong’s ambition is to promote contemporary digital art via numerous pavilions (aka online exhibitions) and embassies (aka offline exhibitions) to a wider audience.

Our pavilion is called “Emotional Interfaces” and is accessible here: http://emotional-interfaces.com/ (We recommend to use a web browser to see the exhibition.)

We hope you enjoy your visit and our international selection of artists. The 15 artists have been selected based on their work’s coherence with our theme “Emotional Interfaces” — a time-space in which we explore how digital interfaces have been shaping the way we feel and engage with our emotions.

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