CAA 2016 New Media Caucus Members Presenting at 2016 CAA Washington D.C.

The following is a list of New Media Caucus members presenting at CAA 2016

Carrie Edinger
“The Digital and Social of Net.Art”, Technology and Women Artists session, 02/05/2016, 12:30 PM—2:00 PM in Coolidge, Mezzanine Level

Copper Frances Giloth, University of Massachusetts
“Experimenting with 3D Visualizations of the Lost 17th Century Labyrinth of Versailles”, DIGITAL CULTURAL HERITAGE AS PUBLIC HUMANITIES COLLABORATION, 02/04/2016, 2:30 PM—5:00 PM in Washington 1, Exhibition Level

Soraya Murray (Panel Organizer)
The Visual Politics of Play: On the Signifying Practices of Digital Games“, 02/05/2016, 9:30 AM—12:00 PM in Washington 3, Exhibition Level

Tamiko Thiel
“Assemblage and Décollage in Virtual Public Space” (with Will Pappenheimer), Augmented Reality- Invention/Reinvention Session, 02/05/2016 5:30 PM—7:00 PM, Washington 4, Exhibition Level