Flesh Spaces / Bev Yockelson

Bev Yockelson

Beverly “bev” Yockelson is a nonbinary trans gay artist who uses it/he pronouns. bev is an artist and poet. Its body of work frequently revolves around themes such as trans bodies and body horror, technology and transhumanism, jewish identity and memory, or all of the above. bev holds a BA in creative writing with a minor in film studies from the university of san francisco, and an MFA in multidisciplinary art from MICA. bev lives in NYC with its partner nico and their fat cat, calloway.

Hold My Hand Tell Me That You Love Me


On the internet, trans people have complete control over their identities and can manifest these true identities through pronouns, names, and virtual personas. In other words, trans people exist perfectly in a virtual space; imperfectly in the physical realm. Hold My Hand Tell Me That You Love Me is a monologue from a transgender computer named Tom Cruise.

Buffering… Please Wait


Buffering… Please Wait is a loop that uses the visual format of a transition vlog in order to examine what medical transition looks like in virtual spaces. It explores my own experience starting hormone replacement therapy, after having spent many years watching others transition online. When is a body “done” transitioning? Am I living inside of my body, or am I a collection of moving parts?