H/F Open Call: MetaPhoto

The Header Footer Gallery is a virtual showcase run by New Media Caucus and dedicated to promoting the creative output of our members by situating their work in thoughtfully curated exhibitions that take place across our entire web presence. We are currently accepting submissions for our ongoing exhibition programming for 2023. Submitted works should be artistically conceived video game stills that explore the medium of video game photography in exciting new ways. We are open to either still images or short GIF formats, but we cannot support large video files.

The exhibition will open in January 2023 and will be online through the spring. Submissions should be wide screen 16:9 ratio digital images. We aim for a wide variety of artistic approaches and are dedicated to showcasing a diversity of perspectives, artists, and geographic regions. Representative works can be from anything loosely conceived as a video game, and can include retro video games, VR, AR, indie, or AAA. Please submit up to 5 images – the submitted images can be self-standing or can be part of a series. Maximum submission size is 4K, and minimum size is 800 px width. Submissions may be from any video game, whether or not you are the game’s creator, so long as the imagery submitted is transformative within the fair use doctrine.

Curators: Kat Mustatea + Rene G. Cepeda


November 11, 2022