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Header/Footer Gallery is a digital exhibition space hosted on the New Media Caucus Web Presence. New shows will be curated every 3-4 months. H/F utilizes various NMC platforms to highlight the work of our members, allowing us to promote the creative output of our members by situating their work in thoughtfully curated exhibitions that take place across our entire web presence.

As of Spring 2022, Header/ Footer is curated by Rene G. Cepeda.

Current Exhibition

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Our monthly podcast covers the latest in art and technology

Meet the Team

Rene G. Cepeda


Rene G. Cepeda is a Mexican multidisciplinary designer/artist/art historian specializing in new media art. His studies include Information Design and software development, museum studies and art history master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in new media art.

Constanza Salazar

Podcast Co-host

Constanza Salazar is a Canadian art historian and writer based in New York City. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University focused on researching how artists since the 1990s have actively engaged with emerging technologies like biotechnology, the internet, surveillance, and more recently, artificial intelligence. 

Alya Kautsaranti

Associate Curator

A multidisciplinary artist recently graduated from BA Film and Digital Art specialising in immersive art, animation, photography, film, and watercolour paintings. I am passionate about experimenting with combining traditional and digital art in my work.

Other Collaborators

A list of people that have helped Header/Footer throughout the time

  • Guest Curators
    • Kat Mustatea
    • Tessa Haas
    • Harshini Karunaratne
    • Adia Sykes
    • Victoria Bradbury
    • Rebecca Forstater
    • Farhad Bahram
    • Constanza Salazar
  • Curatorial Assistants
    • Indira Zamora
    • Alya Kautsaranti
    • Diana Paula Sosa Velázquez

2023 Program

We have a very exciting exhibition program for 2023, of course, some of these dates may vary, keep an eye on our home page and social media for up to date information.

  • September-November: Microgrant & Judson Morrisey Grant exhibition
  • December: New Rules Exhibition