Her Environment Series: Connecting Lines

Connecting Lines will be a show about your bedroom. Thinking about ideas of connections and disconnections, subtle and intimate sounds and luminous glows – the bedroom as a place to relax, reflect upon the day, your experiences, and the people in your life. A chance to become intimate with yourself and your technology, lit by the glow of your laptop screen, browsing through insta, playing animal crossing, your charger hanging off of the edge of your bed to your outlet, cables tangled beneath your covers.

We are accepting all digital media such as sound, lights, sculpture, performance, video installation and etc. You may submit multiple pieces / body of work. For additional information, installation requirements and tech needs, please send an email to herenvironment@gmail.com.

DEADLINE: JUNE 20th, 2018 Midnight C.S.T.
SUBMISSION LINK: herenvironment.com/submit

Her Environment is an expanded new media art series highlighting feminine-spectrum artists. Our focus is on broadening the understanding of how New Media practices can be used in multiple formats of art making, from video to installation and performance. Our aim is to show pieces that challenge how new media can be used, and the heteronormative culture that surrounds it.