Flesh Spaces

July - October


Curator's Note

Flesh Spaces represents artists, especially those of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ groups, whose works challenge, disrupt, and dismantle the logic of the shiny, new, cool aesthetic popularized by male techno-culture and the “tech bros” of Silicon Valley.


Romi (Ron) Morrison

Romi's artistic making often turns towards othered practices within queer black feminist labors of love and survival. It is a refusal to strip the life from queer black feminism and relegate it to an academic argument.


Bev Yockelson

Beverly "Bev" Yockelson is a nonbinary trans gay artist who uses it/he pronouns. Bev is an artist and poet. Its body of work frequently revolves around themes such as trans bodies and body horror, technology and transhumanism, jewish identity and memory, or all of the above.


Estephania González

González explores the complexities of the question, where are you from? This question becomes the foundation for much of her work from which she creates new narratives that reflect upon and take into consideration a contemporary understanding of the human condition and her personal consciousness.


Stefani Byrd

Byrd's work focuses on creating psychologically charged immersive media environments addressing topics such as digital feminism, gun violence, and how technology impacts empathy in digitally mediated spaces.


Hyun Ju Kim (ex-media)

Maryam is a Tehran-based artist working with animation, film and audio-visual installations. Shaahin is composer and sound artist based in Tehran and Berlin.



Al-Bakeri is an independent visual artist based in Cairo, Egypt. His work focuses on topics that go beyond our socio-cultural norms and seek narratives that challenge the existing molds. Through this work he attempts to transform the fixed binaries and showing more possibilities, as masculinity and gender politics is of great interest in his work.


Melissa Huang

Born in Chicago, IL, Melissa Huang's surreal oil paintings, prints, and videos explore digitally constructed bodies and multiplicity of identity with a focus on glitch imagery.

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