Nassem Navab

Informed by her Iranian American identity, Interdisciplinary artist Nassem Navab critically engages with a wide array of social issues, from the policing of women’s bodies to self-expression and identity. She works in various mediums from 3D modeling, video, sound, and photography. She completed her MFA at the University of Arizona in 2019. Navab received her BA in Interdisciplinary Computing Arts and Media from the University of California, San Diego in 2014. Navab has shown work at various art galleries and museums including MOCA San Diego, Visual Art Center (Austin, TX), MOCA Tucson, and CFA Downtown Studio (NMU, Albuquerque, NM). She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Zanan Disruptions

Zanan Disruptions is a multimedia series that places 3D models of women in virtual public sites on Google Earth. It takes inspiration from a women-run magazine once published in Iran. Zanan, meaning ‘women’ in Farsi, was developed in the 1990s to advocate for women’s rights in Iran. The magazine was shut down in 2008 by the Iranian government, who claimed that it threatened the psychological security of Iranian society. In the current political climate in the United States, a similar battle can be observed. One of the first orders that President Trump signed when he assumed office was the Executive Order 13769 (Muslim travel ban), which deepened the historic hostile portrayals of Muslim communities and escalated Islamophobia.