20/92 Video Open Call at Icebox Project Space

The Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts is pleased to announce the 20/92 Video Open Call for 2015, juried by Alex Da Corte. The 20/92 Video Open Call and subsequent screening is a rare opportunity to exhibit your work at an uncommon scale in a unique environment. Located in Philadelphia, PA, The Icebox is one of the largest exhibition spaces in the city at nearly 5,000 sqft, and has a dedicated projection system which allows for a continuous image to be cast upon its walls, at a maximum size of 20’ x 92’ with a resolution of 768 x 3646.

Apply at www.crane arts.com/icebox

There is a $15 application fee. Submissions must not exceed five minutes in length, and it is strongly encouraged that they adhere to the Icebox Project Space’s projection format, which is 20’ x 92’. Please refer to the exact projection specs at http://www.cranearts.com/icebox/icebox_video.

The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2015.

 The Icebox Project Space is an innovative and experimental contemporary exhibition space where visual artists, musicians, film makers, and performers are able to work, think, and collaborate within a uniquely large scale and open structure.

The Icebox boldly explores the notion and limitations of what defines an exhibition, and seeks to challenge and explore, while fostering the creative process. The Icebox engages a broad National and International audience, and visitors should expect a level of engagement with programming, with the space itself, and with the community it continues to build.