IEEE Games Entertainment and Media at Yale University: Submission Deadline Mar 10th!

IEEE Games Entertainment and Media 2019 is continuing to accept papers, projects, and artworks. Submissions can take the form of Full Papers for most tracks, Abstracts for those in the medical field, and Projects for exhibition proposals. Our goal is to make this a totally immersive conference, with demos and experiences available throughout the venue as well as those included in a curated exhibition. We will have a non-juried track for people with accepted papers to submit examples of their work to be viewable and/or playable in the space, with the hope that everything you hear about during a session is also something that you will also get to see or do.

GEM encompasses all aspects of interactive digital media ranging from game design, theoretical advances in algorithmic and mathematical techniques, new enabling technologies, advanced consumer electronics systems, and novel sensing technologies such as motion capture. Our goal is also to consider the social, political, cultural, and philosophical impacts of applying these technologies. GEM is for scientists, engineers, artists, psychologists, sociologists, designers, makers, mathematicians, creatives, programmers and game researchers of all disciplines, united in their interest and enthusiasm for exploring digital games, interactive entertainment, immersive experiences, emerging media, and the significant uses and impacts these technologies have on our lives.

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Current Submission Tracks:

Immersive Visualizations
Experimental Interfaces for VR/AR and Immersive Environments
Spatial Audio
Serious and Applied Games for Health and Wellness
Medical and Healthcare applications for GEM
Projects and Demonstrations in VR/AR
New Performance Practices
Full Papers for Augmented and Virtual Reality
Sensing Technologies for Pedagogy and Research
Projects and Demonstrations with Motion Capture
Wearables and Tactile Interfaces
Education and Learning through GEM
Machine Learning and AI in GEM
Serious and STEM Games
Design, Development and User Experience in GEM
Industry Applications for Serious Gaming
Practical Case Studies
Standards and Open-Source GEM

Keynotes Include:
Hyphen-Labs, International transmedia collective
Angela Washko, Carnegie Mellon University
Alex Thayer, HP Immersive Experiences Lab
Anna Dyson, Yale School of Architecture
Kimberly Hieftje, Yale School of Medicine

Conference Leadership:
Justin Berry, Yale University
Elena Bertozzi, Quinnipiac University
Lynn Fiellin, Yale University
Johannes DeYoung, Carnegie Mellon University
Nicholas O’Brien, Stevens Institute of Technology
Randall Rode, Yale University
Dana Karwas, Yale University
Peter Corcoran, National University of Ireland, Galway
Charlotte Kobert, IEEE



Yale University Center for Collaborative Arts and Research, Hosting the 2019 IEEE Games Entertainment and Media Conference