Inspiring Community Use of Public Space: Hapesira Jone: Shkodra

Hapesira Jone: Shkodra

This project will inspire Shkodrans about the potential of community involvement in public space. These areas are a key element of public life, but are not used to their full potential as spaces for culture, learning and interaction. Sometimes they are weakened by uses such as formal or informal structures, areas of vehicle parking or unauthorized sidewalk cafes. This limits the utility and value of public space is limited and overall quality of life in the city.

10 winners will be selected for the exclusive use of a 250 square meter space in the center of Shkodra, Albania’s 3rd largest city, on the fourth Saturday of each month between July 2015 and April 2016.

PAYMENT: Each installation will be awarded 250 Euros for their time, plus up to 250 Euros for expenses. To apply, visit our Google Form

The goal of the project is to inspire passersby to reconsider the use of public space and their interactions with it. Each installation will reflect a new, meaningful idea for community engagement in public space. The best installations will be very interactive, engaging, creative and unique.