ISEA2015 :: Disruptive Closing Ceremony

After another great day of listening, meeting, and discussing, The Yes Men keynote and closing ceremony was intense. It unexpectedly began with a student protest after the opening remarks by Simon Fraser’s President, Andrew Petter. The student called attention to alleged monies being accepted by Simon Fraser from the tar sands pipeline. The Yes Men where then asked to participate in a video to assist in the protest by the student (NSFW), which they readily did. This was all very disruptive, and therefore, highly appropriate.

The Yes Men continued with their goals and background, showing clips from their recent movie: The Yes Men are Revolting.They are available for workshops and hope to encourage others in their own hijinks.

Right before the keynote began, I was sitting near Leo Selvaggio of the URME project fame, which was at the DISRUPTION opening reception. He was kind enough to let me handle the 3D printed mask. It is eerily gorgeous and if you ever have the chance, it is worth a closer look.

It was wonderful to catch up with many NMC members that I had met at CAA 2014 and 2015, such as Leo and also Taylor Hokanson. Taylor and Dieter Kirkwood were “Hacking the Knitting Machine” in a workshop they had given earlier in the conference. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Brother KH-930e.

After the closing, the conference was handed over to Hong Kong for 2016. I can’t wait for the ISEA2016 Cultural R>evolution!