CAA 2020 Recap: James Welch

2020 Judson-Morrissey Fellow

Artist James Welch stands next to a cardboard sculpture in his studio

Winning the Judson-Morrissey Scholarship to attend the College Art Association Conference in Chicago was a huge contribution to my research and practice. Being a relatively young artist, at the beginning of my career, it was helpful to speak with other artists in New Media, to discuss the ways that technology, and new media were informing their practice. The highlight being the New Media Caucus Showcase in which national artists shared their research, and explorations. This event was also an opportunity to network and asks questions. To my surprise artists were willing to share their techniques, and experiences with technology, a resource that has proven to be invaluable. In conjunction with the CAA, The New Media Caucus also provided workshops that were free, and accessible to the public, aligning with their mission to make the field of new media inclusive. workshops of relevant topics of inclusion such as The Coding as Feminist Practice supports this work, among many other artists of color, who were represented at this event which in my case was important. Prior to winning the Judson-Morrissey Scholarship, I was unaware of the CAA, and the many resources provided on their website and the many networks the organization has. I am grateful for the chance to have attended this event.