Leonardo Track at SIGGRAPH including VIP Party

Join the Leonardo community SIGGRAPH 30 July – August 4 in Los Angeles California.

Leonardo is the leading international peer-reviewed journal by Leonardo/ISAST on the use of contemporary science and technology in the arts and music and, increasingly, the application and influence of the arts and humanities on science and technology.
Once a year Leonardo/ISAST publishes the SIGGRAPH journal issue, which is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Leonardo and ACM SIGGRAPH to showcase the community of artists, designers, and scholars working with computer graphics and interactive technologies.
This publication coincides with SIGGRAPH 2017 and will mark the ninth year of collaboration between SIGGRAPH and Leonardo. Join Leonardo this year at the SIGGRAPH 2017 conference and view the annual special Leonardo SIGGRAPH journal issue featuring new Art Papers, and for the first time in SIGGRAPH history, the Art Gallery that is dedicated exclusively to works by Latin American artists and designers.
Art Papers

Leonardo/ISAST and SIGGRAPH are pleased to present the 2017 SIGGRAPH Art Papers selections. Art Papers investigate the roles of artists and the methods of art-making in an increasingly global, networked, and the technologically mediated world.

At SIGGRAPH 2017, Art Papers explore the contributions of artists to the development of virtual and immersive experiences, bridging the digital-physical interface through engaging our embodiment within virtuality: the emergence of consumer VR and AR, how immersive experiences are shaping the cultural landscape, and their potential contributions to human creativity in art, entertainment, analytics, gaming, medicine, science, engineering, robotics, space exploration, communication, tourism, transportation, and cultural exchange. This theme is supplemented with invited talks by emerging-technologies luminaries and panels of experts from industry and the arts.
Art Gallery

This Leonardo journal issue presents selections from the 2017 SIGGRAPH Art Gallery and recognition of the SIGGRAPH Lifetime Achievement Award in Digital Art recipient Ernest A. Edmonds for his major contribution to the development of computational art. And for the first time in SIGGRAPH history, the Art Gallery is dedicated exclusively to works by Latin American artists and designers: speculative artifacts that apply digital technologies to map alternative futures.

Leonardo Events at SIGGRAPH
Art Papers Preview: Papers Fast Forward
Sunday, 30 July 6–8 p.m.
The SIGGRAPH 2017 Technical Papers in an exciting two-hour session. The author(s) of each paper are allowed a little less than a minute to wow the crowd with their results and entice attendees to hear their complete paper presentation later in the week. For the first time in the history of SIGGRAPH, this year some of the Art Papers will be previewed at the Technical Papers Fast Forward (PFF) session on 30 July 6–8 p.m. This year there will be 2 of the (6 total) art papers presented to highlight the Art papers program.

Art Gallery Reception
Tuesday, 1 Aug, 2–3:30 p.m., Art Gallery, South Hall G
For the first time in SIGGRAPH history, the Art Gallery is dedicated exclusively to works by Latin American artists and designers: speculative artifacts that apply digital technologies to map alternative futures. The gallery presents 10 provocative projects from seven countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, and México.

Art Papers Session
Tuesday, 1 August, 3:45–5:55 p.m., Rm. 153 LACC
For the first time in the history of SIGGRAPH we will be presenting a Best Art Paper award. The award is also highlighted in the Leonardo issue. A certificate will be presented to the authors at the end of the art papers session. Art Papers Chair: Ruth West. Find out more (link is external)

Birds of a Feather Community Meeting
Wednesday, 2 August, 10:30 a.m.–12 p.m., Art Gallery, Experience Hall, South Hall G
SIGGRAPH Birds of a Feather gatherings are informal presentations, discussions and demonstrations for people who share interests, goals, technologies, environments or backgrounds.

This session of short presentations by Leonardo staff and outstanding practitioners is an opportunity for people to meet and share their interests in the intersection of art, science, and/or technology.

Presenters: Roger Malina, Executive Editor of Leonardo; Danielle Siembieda, Deputy Director of Leonardo; and artists Andres Burnano, Universidad de los Andes; Angus Forbes, University of California, Santa Cruz; Ruth West, University of North Texas; and Victoria Vesna, University of California, Los Angeles.

50th Anniversary Celebration Party hosted by Sheila Pinkel
Thursday, 3 August, 6:00 p.m.
In honor of Leonardo’s 50th birthday, this party is an invitation to people in Southern California and at SIGGRAPH who have in some way intersected with Leonardo over the years. People who have contributed as authors, academics, advised graduate students, graduate students participating in LABS, LASER participants and people in the community who are interested in the intersection of art/science/technology.

ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Party 2017
Wednesday, 2 August, 7– 9 p.m., Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

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