Looking for a freelancer Unity programmer

Karlsruhe Institute of Technologie

We are in the process of working with a piece of net art by artists duo JODI called The WRONG% browser. This piece is a web browser, but not a conventional one – it allows the user to search in a way they have never experienced before. We have been observing the piece as a phenomenon and extracting features and parameters from it, and based on our findings, we have created 3D models and animations that stand for the hypothesis of each member of the group. To combine all those 3D models, we thought of creating a VR space in which they could all co-exist and in which text information about them and about our research project could exist.

Although there’s a 3D specialist in our group able to create VR spaces and do basic programming, this experiment has evolved and grown to a point in which one person cannot perform all the tasks. Therefore, we are looking for a C# freelance programmer with experience in Unity to implement the programming into our game based on a detailed inventory of interactions created by our team.

The game consists of seven rooms in which information is displayed, along with 3D models that visually convey the information they represent. The user will be able to “walk” through this academic article using the WASD system and will be able to obtain information on the 3D models and by clicking on them. Information and sometimes animations will happen when the user clicks.

We need programming in four areas:

1. A menu structure and a 2D layout information display system that appears when certain objects are clicked on and/or triggered.
2. Programming of a virtual cursor that allows the user of the environment to interact with the 3D objects (by clicking on or hovering over them)
3. Basic interactions such as highlighting, information that appears by clicking on an object/triggering through the player’s position, and animation of different elements such as rotation or movement.
4. An item collection system that allows the user to collect 16 pieces of an object that will appear at the end of the game. Once the player reaches the last scene, if they have collected all the pieces of this object, a secret room will be accessible and a final object, made from the 16 pieces collected will be displayed.

What we offer:

Up to a 4000 euro budget. Please provide a time and calendar estimation based on an estimation of work effort and working hour rate. This will be paid by invoice, so the freelancer must be legally able to create a valid invoice for the service commission.

You will receive a Unity project containing all 3D models. environments and animations, along with an organized file system with all the necessary information, possbility of daily contact with the 3D specialist of the group.

Estimated calendar:

End date for proposals: September 24th
Notification for interview: September 29th
Interviews: October 4th
Notification of final decision: October 9th
Estimate date of the first meeting: October 16th
Deadline for the project: December 15th

Please contact mayte.gomez@kit.edu and inge.hinterwaldner@kit.edu to receive a full PDF with all the information necessary to submit your application for the project.


The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT; German: Karlsruher Institut für Technologie) is a public research university in Karlsruhe, Germany. The institute is a national research center of the Helmholtz Association, and COSE reserach group is an interdisciplinary research team and part of KIT. The acronym that stands for Coded Secrets, and in our group, we explore artistic interventions hidden in the digital fabric. This means that the artistic pieces we analyze are all hidden, concealed, or somehow withdrawn due to the networked situation into which they were inserted. Our group aims to offer a new view of the Internet through the lens of these artworks that reclaim the right to productively diversify Internet access and usage.