Member Spotlight: A.M. Darke

A.M. Darke is an artist, game designer, and activist designing radical tools for social intervention.

Darke is currently an Assistant Professor of Games and Playable Media, Digital Arts and New Media, and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies at UC Santa Cruz. They are also the founding director of The Other Lab, an interdisciplinary, intersectional feminist research space for experimental games, XR, and new media.

Her work has been shown internationally and featured in a variety of publications, including Kill ScreenVice, and NPR.

Notable projects include the award-winning card game Objectif, which explores the intersection of race, gender, and standards of beauty, and the Open Source Afro Hair Library, a feminist, anti-racist database for 3D models of Black hair textures and styles, for which Darke received a Hellman Fellows Award earlier this year. 

P.P.E. (yeah you know me) a performance piece Darke created after 37 days of isolation for their a2p project.

Images from ‘Ye or Nay?, a game Darke is releasing this summer.

Image from the Open Source Afro Hair Library, an in-progress project of Darke’s, created by H.D. Harris

 Ar glitch performance pieces from Darke’s ar+ show.