Networked Conversations with: Second Front


Networked Conversations with: Second Front

Saturday, October 28, 11:00am-12:00pm (EDT US East Coast / calculate your time zone).

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Second Front, founded in 2006, is the first performance art group in the online virtual world of Second Life. Members of Second Front who will be joining the interview include: Bibbe Hansen (New York), Doug Jarvis (Victoria), Patrick Lichty (Chicago) Liz Solo (St. Johns), and Jeremy Owen Turner (Vancouver).

Second Front has performed extensively both in-world and in galleries and museums. Though the artists perform remotely their performances have been shown live in New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Brussels, Berlin, Vancouver and many other cities.

Taking their influences from numerous sources, including Dada, Fluxus, Futurist Syntesi, the Situationist International and contemporary performance artists such as Laurie Anderson and Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Second Front creates score-based performances and interventions that challenge notions of traditional performance, virtual embodiment and the culture of immateriality.

For more about Second Front visit Third Space Network

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