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The purpose of ArrayList is to connect new media artists, designers, educators, theorists, producers, activists, and organizers while facilitating critical discussion about foundation level new media pedagogy (both inside and outside traditional academic structures). For those new to the listserv format, a listserv is an archived thread of email conversation. Subscribe to the listserv so that you can read and/or respond to the written activity. We hope to engage a wide range of critical perspectives so please chime in with thoughts and questions. Sincerely, j.duran, Adam Trowbridge, Jessica Parris Westbrook, ARRAY[ ] founders

June 2015 theme is New Media Foundations: 3D art/design, fabrication, prototyping. Our guest thread leaders are: Tom Burtonwood, Assistant Professor, Contemporary Practices, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Jenna Frye, Professor, Foundation Department | Coordinator of Electronic Media and Culture (EMAC), Maryland Institute College of Art, Taylor Hokanson, Assistant Professor, Art + Design, Columbia College Chicago, and Meg Mitchell Assistant Professor, Digital Foundations, Department of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison

July 2015 theme is New Media Foundations: Code. Our guest thread leaders are: Ubi de Feo, Evelyn Eastmond, Ira Greenberg, Rebecca Miller-Webster, Daniel Shiffman. More July details forthcoming.


ARRAY [ ] is a platform for pedagogy discourse and a repository of entryways into new media foundations. The title ARRAY [ ] is inspired by a concept common to programming languages that generally means, “a systematic arrangement” or “a variable that can be indexed.”