OPEN CALL: “GUI/GOOEY”, online + in-person exhibitions

Open Call for “GUI/GOOEY: technology meets biology” International Open Call for Artworks in Any Media Online + In-Person Exhibitions Opening Fall 2024 Next Submission Review: June 30, 2024 SUBMISSIONS: Plexus Projects (@plexusprojects / Brooklyn, NY) is accepting submissions of artworks for “GUI/GOOEY 2.O”, the second installment in a series of online and in-person exhibitions exploring digital representations of the biological world. The exhibitions interrogate intersections of computational paradigms and organic forms and transgress the boundaries that distinguish them. Curated by interdisciplinary artist Laura Splan (@laurasplan). “GUI/GOOEY” IS SIMULTANEOUSLY… – digital, computational, software, interfaces, menus, icons, cursors, tools, user settings, skeuomorphism, progress bars, crashes, glitches, memory, blockchain, crypto, ai, ones, zeros, bits, bytes – biological, corporeal, fleshy, visceral, wet, oozing, slimy, dripping, viscous, sticky, syrupy, mucilaginous, glutinous, tacky, gummy, embodiment, materiality, tactility, seduction, repulsion, bits, bites ELIGIBILITY Artworks in any media will be considered for the online exhibition including static and time-based work as well as documentation of ephemeral artworks such as installations and performances. Screen-based artworks will be considered for the in-person exhibition.

Plexusprojects is a artist-run space for intersectional ideas